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Nellana witch C.J. Brookes resides in central Indiana with her vampire husband of two thousand years, their 1300-year-old werewolf daughter, a cowardly beagle, a mischievous border collie who thinks she’s a goddess, a peach cat who thinks he’s the god of death, two rather overly critical ducks, a garden snail named Edmund Junior, Junior, Junior, Junior, etc., and a pair of cardinals in the backyard who go by the names Carl and Carla.

Best known for her romantic suspense novels as Calle J. Brookes, she boasts over two thousand years of writing experience—and has more than seventy published novels and novellas. (Ok, maybe she writes a little slow, considering her years' of experience...)

In 2018, C.J. decided to revise, update, and expand her paranormal titles before re-publishing them. She fell behind a bit, thanks to a vicious werewolf attack in 2017 that left her in physical therapy twice a week for more years than she wants to think about, but has more titles ready to go in 2024. Including a never-before-released title FATED TO THE WOLF, coming very, very soon.  (As in C.J. will know the release date by the end of next week!)


Most of this author bio is true. Only a little bit has been fictionalized. C.J. will leave it to you, the reader, to decide…


C.J. can be reached at For updates on all of C.J.'s books visit 

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