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C.J. Brookes lives in central Indiana with her husband of fifteen years, their ten-year-old daughter, four-year-old lump of a beagle, elderly but diabolically clever border collie, evil border collie puppy, four demanding ducklings, one garden snail who lives in her child’s bathroom, and a rogue cardinal named Carl and his wife Carla.

Best known for her romantic suspenses, which she writes under her main name of Calle J. Brookes, she has been writing for more than twenty years, and has more than seventy novels and novellas published. 

In 2018, C.J. made the decision to remove all the paranormal titles she had published, revise them, update them, and expand them before sending them to her wonderful editor to make them better than ever. 

In 2020 the first five titles were ready for relaunch. In that time-frame, C.J. added even more titles to the list. Watch for the first five Dardanos titles in 2020—plus, a brand-new book FATED TO THE WOLF.

If you’d like to drop C.J. a note, she can be found at

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